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Cropcircle Essences

Now appearing regulary for the past twenty years across the English countryside, especially in the wide bands of chalk-based soil of the Southern English countries of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Sussex, are the unusual formations known as "crop circles". They remain mysterious in both origin and meaning. Far from being a static phenomenon, or one that could be entirely man-made, these enigmatic "agriglyphs" have developed over the past two decades from apparently random collections of small circles or rings of bent-over plants in the middle of isolated wheat and barely fields to huge, highly-complex and enchantingly-beautiful forms, many of which have significance to a variety of human observers. Indeed, one could argue that by their perfect composition, awesome beauty, mathematical precision, symbolic meanings and evidence of the use of electromagnetic energies, we still only dream of harnessing, crop circles represent multi-dimensional information. They appeal to a wide spectrum of individuals and groups.

Psychosomatic measurement of the Cropcircle Essences by Dr. Peter Spitzer

Starting in the late 1980s, immediately following the Mid-August 1987 "Harmonic Convergence" announced by the ancient Mayan calendar, the crop circle phenomenon has grown exponentially so that today, over 100 formations appear annually in more than a dozen countries as far apart as Australia, Germany, Canada and the USA. Nonetheless, the vast majority of circles each year flourishes in the same southern English countries where they were first noticed in 1978. Therefore, with the advent of a new summer growing season, numerous researchers, photographers, artists, tour guides and others intrigued by the phenomenon flock to the fields to explore what gifts the "circle-makers" will next present for our inspection and wonder.

Among the most fascinating ongoing research projects involving the English crop circle formations is, that of attempting to capture their vibrational impact and multidimensional information and energy within the Mother-Earth Essences of German phyto-botanist Andreas Korte. Since 1996, Andreas Korte, whose Korte PHI Essences line of flower essences is well known in Europe and many other countries, has joined researchers Dr. Chet and Kallista Snow in the English countryside and since 2001 also in Germany to experience the energies of several major formations and to preserve the energy information they contain in Mother-Earth-Essences via his unique Crystal Process. Since 1996 many such essences have been produced. Their exact properties and use are still the subject of ongoing research.

These unique essences represent multi-dimensional information, taken not only from the symbolic forms of various circles, but also by their unique vibrational impact on both human observers and on Mother Earth herself. These essences in effect preserve the impact of the circles, which themselves are only temporarily present, as they disappear when the farmer harvests the crop and re-plows the field, so that their energy may be used later.

The crop circle essences can be used to reactivate especially sacred sites thereby opening the collective unconscions, raising group vibrations and accelerating the self healing and balancing properties of Mother Earth. Also, since the year 2000 they have become a key component of Andreas Korte's unique light-, colour-, vibrational transmission process, which forms the basis of the "health-houses" work. For more information, please see his website

The crop circle essences help us to integate the self-healing properties of the other gem, flower, orchid and animal essences, such as Delph (the dolphin essence), to rebalance our energies at both the cosmic and the smallest levels of our physical body.

When using these crop circle essences you need to use your intuition and testing methods such as the pendulum, kinesiology or pulse testing to determine which essences correspond to the healing and consciousness-raising work you hope to accomplish.

It is important to use only one or a few essences at a time and not to mix the energies of the whole collection or even one entire year's stock.

These crop circle essences still represent an unfinished alphabet and a first-level energy approach to the entire crop circle phenomenon. Just as no one has yet actually witnessed a circle in actual formation, nor produced a credible photographic record of their formation, so we are very aware that these essence descriptions represent only a part of this multi-dimensional message that the "circle-makers" are presenting to us and to Mother Earth in these times of change and rising awareness. They help us to heal and preserve the life-giving qualities of our Mother Earth both for us and for future generations to enjoy.

The Cropcircle Book by Andreas Korte is now available in German and French.