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No. 11: 13 Full Moons, West Meon, UK (1997)

Returns one to one's natural rythms. Reconnects one to the cosmic forces in harmony with a new quality of time. Related to the Mayan calendar. Helps energetically during travelling and jet-lag.

No. 12: Ant, Henwoon, UK (1997)

Goes far back into the evolutionary process. Symbol of the insect kingdom. All life is interconnected. Native American concept of Mitakuye Oyasin "We are all related". All is one form, the Divine Source. Develops respect for the creation of all forms of life.

No. 13: 14 Ring Spirals, Woodborough Hill, UK (1997)

Represents the central sun or atomic nucleus. Grounds and balances the first Chakra. Connects Earth to Cosmos through our human body. Both we and Mother Earth exist within a larger system: "As above & so below"

No. 14: Bethlehem Star, Bishops Cannings, UK (1997)

Very deep meditation energy. Centers & focuses a group's energy. Use the star in the right way: One point up, two points down. Brings one into inner balance. Joins polarities. The star is a symbol of universal peace. If you are in a conflict zone, use this essence.

No. 15: Cley Hill, Warminster, UK (1997)

Leave linear time for a feeling of eternity and a strong energy for meditation. A star of light linking Earth and the Cosmos. One stream of Energy goes out from the center, then the next one comes back. A cosmic dance.

No. 16: Fractal Star, Silbury Hill, UK (1997)

High energy. Opens the second Chakra in a positive way. Brings up old stories, liberates old blockages, old stuff. Past karma comes up to awareness. Birth activation.

No. 17: Martock Cross, Martock, UK (1998)

Balance of the four elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Balance between Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang. Helps us to evolve in harmony. An angelic vibration. Helps to restore an original spiritual vibration to polluted sacred sites.

No. 18: Seven Petal Rose, East Field, UK (1998)

New awareness ot the 7th Chakra or the 7th Ray and a spiritual doorway. Raises consciousness to new forms of incoming energy. Very important.

No. 19: Lotus Flower 1, Beckhampton, UK (1998)

Awakening Kundalini energy, connecting 1st & 7th Chakras. Brings creativity and healing through love, beauty, feeling. Opens new thought patterns and projects one forward.

No. 20: Turning Square, Silbury Hill, UK (1998)

Laid counter clockwise. Evokes the Solar Plexus fire to dissolve old blockages. Caution: takes you within to see who you really are and where you've not measured up in the past. A powerful cleansing, purging effect: whether you're ready or not. Not always easy to accept.

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